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      Version U.0 - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion Blog Version U.0

      We live in a world where everything happens at a breakneck speed.

      We're always on the lookout for the next great thing, and we're never satisfied with our current situation. However, rather than looking outward for contentment, there has recently been a trend of looking inward for fulfillment. Experiences are more important to us than material things. We prefer financial flexibility. We also want to concentrate on becoming the people we indeed are.

      What does it entail to be your best self?

      Is it simply living up to your potential, or does it imply something more? If you're like most individuals, you've pondered these topics as you seek identity, confidence, and purpose in life. However, when the answers you get don't meet your expectations, you need to start asking the tough questions that will help you figure out how to maximize personal growth and become the best version of yourself.

      Getting back to your true self is key to becoming the finest version of yourself. As simple as that may seem, genuine self-discovery needs courage and perseverance. To reach your core self, you must ignore distracting erroneous notions that confuse or distort your self-perception. Because they have distinct aspirations, passions, and abilities, you cannot use someone else's life path to measure your success. There is no such thing as a life blueprint or ideal outcome because everyone's path is unique.

      Beginning with the shortest timed goals is a smart approach.

      For example, "I will floss every day" will take a week or two to master, whereas "I will run a marathon" will most likely take months. To gain confidence, begin with those you know you can finish fast. You'll get one step closer to understanding how to be your best self with each habit you include in your newly designed lifestyle.

      With each goal, you'll gather momentum, which will spur you on to the next. You'll be so full of new abilities and motivation by the time you reach the goals that may take months or even years to achieve that you'll have no trouble tackling them.

      Be your best self.

      You're your most significant and only rival, and you're always striving to be better.

      Continue to grow as a person, and you will see changes in your life. You'll be delighted by these minor changes. Self-improvement is an easy way to enhance growth. It's now up to you to make a choice. Whether you want to be their puppet or become a rival and become self-sufficient.

      Long-term success is your primary goal so cultivate a success mindset. Continuous effort and work are required to prosper in the long run. You'll be able to develop an entire empire for yourself due to your constant hard work. You'll have no idea how close you were to achieving achievement. It's unavoidable to compete with others.

      However, when you compete against a specific individual, that person becomes your level. You believe you are ahead of them and have already won the competition when you cross that level. Consider how far you've progressed from where you started and continue to do so. However, always compete with yourself, set realistic goals, and allow yourself enough time to attain them. Keep your needs and desires in mind.

      Need a reminder? Our motivational wall art will be the best fit for your office or home, even at your gym.

      Be unstoppable. 

      You're Lucky - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      You're lucky - blog - Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion

      You have the freedom to go out into the world and be and do whatever you desire.

      You have the power to make a difference, make people happy, make a difference, and live life fully – whatever it is that you desire. However, if you pass up this opportunity, the quality of your life will suffer. You'll feel as if you're not progressing and, worse, as if you're dying on the inside.

      We have been placed in this world to pursue everything in life that is meaningful to us.

      We should go out and try to accomplish important things for ourselves. You don't want to look back on your life and regret not doing more when it comes down to it. We should seize the opportunities that life provides us with both hands. We should strive to have the best life experience possible!

      One of the most common reasons people "miss their shots" in life is that they can't see the target well. A lack of vision might make it difficult to take advantage of possibilities right in front of you. In addition, inexperience or a lack of information could contribute to this lack of awareness. As a result, you must learn to train yourself to be attentive and aware of possibilities that arise. You may begin by taking stock of your current circumstances, making realistic short-term goals, and developing long-term visionary goals.

      As a result, you should better assess potentially advantageous situations and be more aware of changes suited for you. Additionally, while setting conditions and circumstances on their own merits is smart, resist the inclination to be rigid and closed-minded; possibilities can arise in the most unexpected of ways.

      Knowing that an opportunity may not present itself again helps you be watchful and aware. 

      You must always be on the lookout for fantastic possibilities that you can take advantage of. You acquire an eye for it when you make it a habit to pursue the opportunities you seek. You devote a significant amount of time considering what you want and how you may obtain it.

      Believing in the importance of learning is a part of having a successful mindset. Those instances when you don't have 100 percent confidence in your ability to do something but go out and do it are highly satisfying.

      Just keep moving forward. At some point, you'll strike a brick wall and want to give up. Sometimes the reality you're confronted with makes you want to hide under the blankets and shut out the rest of the world. Now is the time to summon your courage and drive. Continue to do what you've set out to achieve, putting forth your best effort. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, which is always a wonderful thing when you're trying to get rid of your sadness and go on with your life. You'll need to set up another one once you've taken one modest step toward your objective. And there's one more. And there's one more. Along the journey, you'll come across various ideas and possibilities that you can use to help you achieve your goal.

      Keep your eyes and thoughts open at all times. You must see opportunities when they arise and think that you can take advantage of them. You'll never see them if you have a closed mind. Don't let opportunities pass you by because you're blind to them. Take a look at what you're capable of. After that, take it from there. Success feeds off of itself. It also creates fresh possibilities for advancement. Decorate your walls with motivational wall art for success to keep you striving for more.

      Need a reminder? Our motivational wall art will be the best fit for your office or home, even at your gym.

      Be unstoppable. 

      READY - SET - GOAL - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️


      Do you repeat your New Year's resolutions year after year? Do you keep returning to the same objective, promising yourself that you'll finish it this time?

      You must create goals if you want to succeed.

       You lack focus and direction if you don't have plans. Setting goals helps you take charge of your life's path and gives you a baseline to measure if you're succeeding. Consider this: having a million dollars in the bank is only evidence of success if amassing wealth is one of your goals. If your purpose is to perform acts of generosity, keeping the money for oneself becomes opposed to your definition of success.

      Setting objectives allows us to take a step back and assess what is truly essential in life. It's the first step toward living a meaningful life. Setting goals at work allows everyone to see the big picture. Knowing the company's long-term goals can assist each team member in performing better in their roles.

      It is a source of inspiration. Setting objectives purposefully provides you with something to strive for. You will be more motivated to put your best foot forward if you have a definite aim in mind. Having a clear picture of what your team is trying to accomplish can inspire and motivate you as a team member. Working with your team to achieve a common objective is both inspiring and fulfilling, and it gives your group a sense of purpose.

      It allows you to have more control over your future. Setting objectives allows you to take control of your life. You are actively acknowledging what you want out of life just by jotting down your goals. It's the first step toward reclaiming your power over your destiny.

      You might think that you can't manage the pressure at times. You must persevere. It's also not enough to keep doing the same thing. Before you can figure out what works, you have to try various things. Let's say you've attempted 99 tasks, and none of them have worked. Will you risk the 100th task? When you think about it, 99 failures have almost little influence on the success of the next one as long as you keep trying new things.

      Simply put, don't give up. That's it. It's both easy and complicated. Remove the word "quit" from your vocabulary. Don't give yourself the option of quitting. Every time you fail at something, remember that it was just your actions that failed, not you. Examine why it didn't work and develop a strategy to improve it. There's always a chance to try again as long as your heart is beating.

      The majority of people believe they are caught in a rut. The trick is to keep moving even if you're trapped. And sometimes, it means starting all over again. If nothing else, never give up since you might only have one more hurdle to clear. Now get up and shout to yourself, "Never give up!" as loudly as you can. "Never quit!"

      Need a reminder? Our motivational wall art will be the best fit for your office or home, even at your gym.

      Be unstoppable. 

      YOU Vs. YOU - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      YOU Vs YOU Blog by Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion®️

      In our lives, the most powerful voice is the one inside our heads. 

      It may be an incredible cheerleader or a continual pessimist. If you're considering starting a business on your own, your inner monologue is undoubtedly assaulting you with reasons to quit before you even begin.

      In business, creativity is a way of thinking that motivates, challenges, and assists individuals in developing new solutions and possibilities from issues. This is why some enterprises amaze us with fresh, incredible ideas while others essentially tread the same ground. It catalyzes innovation and inspiration.

      Too much competition is one of the most sophisticated "excuses" (or, more accurately, justifications) we make for not starting or doing that type of business. However, if there are too many rivals, it indicates a high level of demand. Therefore, you need to be more innovative and creative in your approach. Do not let this reason deter you.

      Here are the most common justifications your brain will make against you and why you should disregard them.

      "It has been done previously."

      That is not to say that you cannot do it better. On the contrary, enhancing the work of others frequently serves as the platform for great innovation. Simply because something has been done previously does not preclude its improvement. Google was not the first search engine on the market. Facebook was not the first popular social networking site. Starbucks was not the world's first coffee establishment. Nonetheless, they all succeeded.

      "I lack sufficient time."

      You have time to work on your dream if you can read this list. If you want to excel in business, you must develop superior time management skills. Make time for it.

      "Nobody understands my concept."

      Perhaps the issue is that they comprehend it better than you do. If you find yourself defending the virtues of your product to everyone who hears about it, it may be time to reconsider. If others do not grasp your concept, this is your opportunity to solicit comments and make improvements. Avoid being defensive in response to feedback. Instead, utilize it to enhance the quality of your product or service.

      "I am afraid."

      If you are not fearful, you are not attempting hard enough. Entrepreneurs are frequently frightening, but who is not? Fear is beneficial. It keeps you vigilant, but do not let it prevent you from achieving your goals.

      "It's too challenging."

      You are correct. It is challenging. That is why it is so satisfying when you do achieve it. Each complex work can be broken down into smaller tasks. It will be manageable and straightforward. The entire procedure will become less intimidating. The majority of worthwhile endeavors are challenging. Everyone would do it if it were simple.

      "I am under-resourced."

      Numerous entrepreneurs have overcome the finance obstacle before you. Capital exists — you need to locate it. You will not discover it by staring at empty office space and wallowing in self-pity. Convince your friends and family to invest in your firm. 

      This year, remain motivated and enthusiastic. Don't waste your energy on your excuses. They are merely a stumbling block. Instead, utilize these strategies and have an incredible year!

      Need a reminder? Our motivational wall art will be the best fit for your office or home, even at your gym.

      Be unstoppable. 

      how to design your home gym part II - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️


      We all know that staying active and following a regular workout routine is beneficial to our mind, body, and spirit. However, there are occasions when our internal dialogue pushes us to forego our workout, order takeout, and work a few more hours. It cannot be easy to stick to your plan to go to the gym and emphasize fitness when this happens. Many people begin fitness regimens but abandon them because they are bored, do not enjoy it, or have slow results. Having a piece of wall art as a reminder will assist you in completing the task, whatever it may entail.

      Fitness is a challenging goal to accomplish. It takes a lot of effort, time, and perseverance. Gym instructors motivate you in commercial exercise facilities, but this may not be the case at home unless you hire a private gym teacher.

      Use wall art to improve your positivity and inspiration while making your home gym attractive if you have one or are about to set one up. You can design your home gym in whatever way you wish. The art can be anything from posters or reproductions of the style you want to achieve to motivating quotes or legendary images that reflect power and perseverance.

      Motivational gym art inspires and motivates athletes to achieve higher outcomes and provides them with examples of what they should do. Other significant benefits to having motivational wall art in your home gym are listed below.


      Individuals in gyms are motivated by motivational wall art. It's a simple approach to boost daily energy, improve mood, and create a happy environment. It keeps you cognitively stimulated so you can keep working out and be creative. It's a battle to put up your best effort in the gym, no matter how important your goals are. To stay motivated, utilize motivating wall art. It could be in the form of wall art with quotes on it.

      Achieving The Objective

      Everyone interested in fitness has a goal in mind. Motivational gym art at home gyms helps keep the mind focused on the goals. It also assists you in having dedicated ideas, emotions, and behavior to achieve your objectives. The artwork might be a photograph of a gym model that will help you imagine the desired outcome.

      A Positive Attitude

      One method to overcome challenges is maintaining a positive attitude in everything you do. Motivational wall art allows you to maintain a good and upbeat mood during your gym workouts. It keeps your heart open to expect positive outcomes, focused on doing and accomplishing rather than the challenges.


      Natural landscape can help to calm the mind and put you in the right frame of mind for an intense workout. Motivational wall art can help you calm down while your workout becomes more severe. Consider incorporating wall art into your home gym to provide a sense of calm.

      Final Thoughts

      One of the most essential elements to consider when setting up a home gym is the atmosphere to ensure that it is valuable and appealing. These reasons should convince you that motivational wall art belongs in your home gym. They are necessary for all gyms, including public gyms, hotel guest gyms, and corporate gyms for private staff.

      Be unstoppable. 

      Motivation_to_go - The Blog