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      "Success is fleeting" is a well-known saying in business.

      You cannot wish for or dream of success. You must constantly work at it. Contrary to popular belief, the route to success is never straight. And, while an attitude of ongoing self-improvement is extremely good, it's also beneficial to pause occasionally and appreciate what you've already accomplished.

      With that in mind, here are 7 indicators that you're on the right track:

      1. You Have Self-Assuredness Regarding Your Capabilities

      Self-doubt and apprehension are two significant impediments to achievement. We struggle with self-doubt. We question if we are prepared or adequate. Are we capable of victory? Confidence is believing in yourself, and believing in yourself entails accomplishing feats you never imagined. Confidence is bred through competence. When everyone else trusts you, it's natural to trust yourself.

      The difficulty arises when one believes in oneself when no one else does. They have doubts about your potential for success and think you lack the requisite abilities. That is when you require unflinching self-belief, the conviction that you can succeed. Confidence is not synonymous with arrogance. Arrogance is the conviction in one's superiority. Nobody is superior to you, so maintain your trust.

      2. You Are Aware of Your Purpose

      Are you aware of your mission? If not, what motivates you to get up each morning and do what needs to be done? When purpose and core values are aligned, the direction is established by establishing your vision. Vision provides clarity. Fulfilling their vision encourages successful people to wake up each morning refreshed and prepared to confront the day's difficulties.

      3. You Establish Your Priorities

      While your firm may not generate millions, you enjoy what you do. Or you've learned the priceless lesson that money cannot buy more time. Therefore you make the most of it by spending as much time as possible with family and friends (or doing what's important to you). Prioritizing is half the battle. The remaining half is sticking to them.

      4. Your Character Is Admirable

      Character is the strongest predictor of success. Who you now determine your future self. Inquisitive, slothful, diligent, flaky, or determined. Keeping your promise or always making excuses. Future leaders demonstrate leadership abilities in their first role. Over the course of a lifetime, simple decisions can significantly impact someone's future.

      5. You Are A Voracious Learner

      You're constantly on the lookout for new experiences. You are not afraid of making errors. Why? Because each new travel broadens your horizons and teaches you more about yourself, people, and the world. Mistakes are not synonymous with failure; they are additional opportunities to learn.

      6. You Seize Control

      You will have considered a solution to any issue. You do not wait for others to resolve your problems; you resolve them yourself. You collaborate but are self-sufficient. You're meticulous with your time, plans, weeks, and years, which results in accomplishing goals and the opening of doors. You are focused and adamant. And you've deduced everything. You take responsibility rather than avoid it and are confident in yourself.

      7. You Have Not Surrendered

      Persistence is a critical component of success. Unfortunately, so many people quit just before the finish line or before achieving the goal they've committed so much time and effort. However, that is not you. You are still present. That is what distinguishes you as a success.

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