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      No More Excuse, don't even look for them.

      We are highly proficient at inventing counterarguments for limiting our capability as humans. It's easy to find reasons to avoid executing essential but not immediate tasks, such as postponing housework or prepping for an examination.

      As a great philosopher once stated, if you sincerely want to do anything, you will find a means. You'll come up with some excuse if you don't.

      Excuses are the weapons of inadequate individuals for creating monuments for doing nothing. When you've failed to achieve something or do something unpleasant, it can be challenging to admit that you're embarrassed.

      The excuses come in handy at this point. You find excuses or cheat instead of admitting or showing remorse because you're scared of facing your shortcomings and weaknesses.

      The following are the most common reasons why people create excuses.

      ● Something is scaring them.

      ● They aren't willing to make an error.

      ● They don't appear to be working towards a certain goal.

      ● They compare themselves with everyone.

      ● They like their personal information to be kept secret.

      ● They appear unconcerned.

      ● They assume they are lacking in the required skills.

      They don't realize that by trying to make excuses, they're not only failing to honestly address their shortcomings, but they're also producing new ones.

      Excuses are poisonous to your life and the lives of the people you care about. Those who commit their lives to them will never succeed in any other endeavor.

       Accepting your error and apologizing is better compared to creating excuses. As a result, it's vital to make the most of any situation and never make an unjustifiable excuse.

      Find a reason, not an excuse

      You might've been admonished not to make excuses while you were trying to find reasons for doing or not doing something. Because we don't recognize the differences between these two terms, such circumstances can be extremely perplexing. Let's take a look at it from a different perspective.

      What is Reason?

      A reason is just a cause or a justification. It clarifies why something happens or why somebody did something.

      In an airport, for instance –, administrative staff advises travelers that flights have been canceled owing to adverse weather. This is not an excuse but a statement in which the employee informs the travelers of the circumstance. It is a statement that is reasonable, logical, and objective. As a result, it can be considered a reason.

      What is an Excuse?

      An excuse is used to justify, explain, or argue a mistake to free oneself of responsibility. Productive, goal-directed, or solution-oriented action will never be supported by an excuse.

      For instance, just because he had gymnastics sessions, a student refuses to submit an assignment to the lecturers by the submission date. This is a straightforward excuse wherein the student blames his failure to finish work on other factors.

      Excuses cause productivity to come to a standstill. They are a waste of time and prospective killers. They are weapons of destruction used by fools, wimps, and weaklings to destroy someone else's character, reputation, and future possibilities. Do not identify with them. Instead, give reasons for things you do.

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