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      Do you repeat your New Year's resolutions year after year? Do you keep returning to the same objective, promising yourself that you'll finish it this time?

      You must create goals if you want to succeed.

       You lack focus and direction if you don't have plans. Setting goals helps you take charge of your life's path and gives you a baseline to measure if you're succeeding. Consider this: having a million dollars in the bank is only evidence of success if amassing wealth is one of your goals. If your purpose is to perform acts of generosity, keeping the money for oneself becomes opposed to your definition of success.

      Setting objectives allows us to take a step back and assess what is truly essential in life. It's the first step toward living a meaningful life. Setting goals at work allows everyone to see the big picture. Knowing the company's long-term goals can assist each team member in performing better in their roles.

      It is a source of inspiration. Setting objectives purposefully provides you with something to strive for. You will be more motivated to put your best foot forward if you have a definite aim in mind. Having a clear picture of what your team is trying to accomplish can inspire and motivate you as a team member. Working with your team to achieve a common objective is both inspiring and fulfilling, and it gives your group a sense of purpose.

      It allows you to have more control over your future. Setting objectives allows you to take control of your life. You are actively acknowledging what you want out of life just by jotting down your goals. It's the first step toward reclaiming your power over your destiny.

      You might think that you can't manage the pressure at times. You must persevere. It's also not enough to keep doing the same thing. Before you can figure out what works, you have to try various things. Let's say you've attempted 99 tasks, and none of them have worked. Will you risk the 100th task? When you think about it, 99 failures have almost little influence on the success of the next one as long as you keep trying new things.

      Simply put, don't give up. That's it. It's both easy and complicated. Remove the word "quit" from your vocabulary. Don't give yourself the option of quitting. Every time you fail at something, remember that it was just your actions that failed, not you. Examine why it didn't work and develop a strategy to improve it. There's always a chance to try again as long as your heart is beating.

      The majority of people believe they are caught in a rut. The trick is to keep moving even if you're trapped. And sometimes, it means starting all over again. If nothing else, never give up since you might only have one more hurdle to clear. Now get up and shout to yourself, "Never give up!" as loudly as you can. "Never quit!"

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      Be unstoppable. 

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