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      Chapter II

      Motivation, inspiration, and persistence are the most valuable gifts that anyone can have. History shows us that where these gifts flow in abundance, greatness is certain. 

      However, it is also a fact that greatness and success can only be found on the other side of adversity and tribulation, and if you do what is easy, your life will be challenging, but if you overcome what is hard, your life will be easy. This motivational canvas wall art titled "a smooth sea never made a skilled surfer" inspires us to understand that the obstacles and challenges that life throws at us are indeed the fire that will forge our success. 

      As we work our way towards our goals in life, there will come a time when the whole world will seem to be against us. At those moments, it is easy to forget that the most precious of stones were forged in the hottest depths of the earth, and it was by the painful exercise of falling and rising again that we all, as kids, learned how to walk. So when you feel like giving up, be inspired by the words on this canvas, "a smooth sea never made a skilled surfer," to get up and keep going. 

      Successful people usually have one thing in common, they all have a source of -

      motivation, inspiration, and persistence.

      So whenever the world threw stones at them, they picked up the stones and kept building, and as a result, they became wiser, stronger, and better with every failure and lesson till that big break came along. 

      In a world that constantly tempts us to give up, we all need an equally constant source of motivation.

      So let this Canvas wall art be that daily dose of motivation. Let it remind us that these hurdles that life puts in our way are not meant to make us fall but to make us jump higher and get stronger. 

      As the surfer conquers the waves of the sea, his skill and strength increase, he falls and rises and falls and tries again. Till one day, even the sea is in awe of his mastery of its waves. Our eyes are the window through which our soul is inspired to achieve greatness.

      So as you look upon this motivational wall art, let it be a constant reminder that you must keep pushing irrespective of the obstacles you will face, till you can confidently say;

       I came, I saw, and I conquered.

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      Stay tuned.


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