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      Stay Humble.

      Being humble does not imply a reduction in self-esteem. On the contrary, it's perfectly acceptable to be pleased with one's accomplishments. Spending less time thinking about yourself is one of the characteristics of being humble. It is pride that causes you to spend more time thinking selfishly. Humility improves the world. In this world, there is nothing more pleasurable than humility. We become better persons as a result of being humble.

      Because they have a decent heart, a humble person will do good. They do not demand anything in return, including thanks. Humble people are sensitive, loving, and pleasant to others.

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      Don't allow your success to get the best of you. Be modest. Rather than being a show of weakness, humility is a sign of power. Humble people have a sense of inner calm. They are self-assured in their accomplishments, steadfast in their principles, and have nothing else to prove to others. They're strong, confident in their skin, and cautiously optimistic.

      Humble individuals direct their attention from receiving to providing.

      From bragging about themselves to listening to others.

       There is no ego, pretension, or bad sportsmanship here. Genuine individuals are humble. As C.S. Lewis said, "humility is not thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less."


      Remember where you came from and be humble.

      Have Fun!

      Do you recall what it was like to be a kid who understood how to have a good time? Of course, you would like to have fun again as an adult, but you don't seem to be able to do so. You even participate in activities that are intended to be enjoyable. Still, you no longer appear to appreciate life as a youngster.

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion - Have Fun blog image

      Making it a practice to relax.

      Participating in things you enjoy and hanging out with people who bring you joy.

      It will provide you with long-term advantages such as reduced stress, healthier moods, better sleep, increased adaptive resources, and improved relationships. In addition, according to experts, recurrent pleasures are delightful no matter how many times you do them.

      Having fun, it's fun!

      ● It lowers anxiety and stress levels.

      Dopamine, widely known as the "feel-good hormone," is naturally released into your system when having fun. Fun makes your brain physiologically happy, making you feel good, thus reducing tension and worry. So isn't it past time you all got rid of some of that?

      ● It promotes creativity.

      Whenever you're having fun and relaxing, you'll be able to learn a task faster. In addition, you can be motivated to start a new project or produce something due to the experience. So, try out some new activities or games to spark your ideas.

      ● Enhanced Social Skills.

      You're not always going to have a good time by yourself. Various amusing and enjoyable exercises are available to help develop teamwork skills and improve interpersonal interactions.

      Don't worry about the past results, have fun. It will make the final result even better.

      Stay humble, don't ever stop having fun along the way. 

      We at Thrivilion are all about seeing you succeed and achieving your goals no matter your goals.

      Get one of our pieces as a reminder. 

      It will be a perfect match for your office or home.

      Our motivational wall art canvas designs will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. 

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      Stay tuned.


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