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      Chapter IV

      You must learn how to rule your kingdom or risk being deposed of your throne.

      That within every one of us is a king, and that we must seek him out and begin leading our own lives.

      Our mind is similar to the land; anything you place on it will grow. If you plant a thorn bush, you will get a thorn bush. If you plant a mango tree, you will receive one. You have the option. What would you like to "sow" in your mind? Are your thoughts filled with passion, optimism, and progress? Or are they bad ideas that will bring you misery?

      Our brains are capable of anything we believe they are capable of. If you "seed" your brain with wonderful thoughts, you will likewise get wonderful results.

      Establish your own rules. Live your life in the manner in which you desire

      Spend time with those with whom you wish to spend time. Make choices that will help you feel the way you want to – not just now but also in the future. While tomorrow is not guaranteed, we must have hope that it will arrive. When it does, you don't want to be regretting yesterday's choices.

      In this manner, you will always be catching up. Carry out the work that you desire. Live in the city or country in which you wish to reside. Visit the locations that interest you. Accomplish the things you know you want to do but are afraid to; there is nothing in the world worth fearing – even death is a guarantee.

      Don't justify it to yourself by claiming that your circumstances prevent you from doing so. True, you may not be able to live the life you desire right now, but later is preferable to never. Not to mention that if you are not actively pursuing your aspirations, you are squandering your time. The most significant gift anyone and everyone receives is life.

      It is only given once and is rarely used correctly. Put an end to your non-existence. You will die one day, and the worst experience and realization someone can have is concluding that they have squandered their life. There is no going back at that moment. There are no second chances. When the buzzer sounds, the game is finished. How do you hope to feel about the life you lived when the time comes? Concentrate on that and make it a reality. You are the one who establishes your own rules. You are the architect of your fate.

      We indeed are free to live our lives however we like and to make them into anything we please. There will always be those who will argue with you, who will demand and expect you to conform — but you may simply tell them to back off. If you feel someone else is running your life, you must break the chain around your neck and begin living.

      We may all break free from the monotonous sameness we are subjected to – we choose how we live. 

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      Stay tuned.


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