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      Are you a quitter? - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion®️ Are you a quitter - The Blog

      Before you become successful, you must first persevere through difficult times.

      Don't be a quitter. If you give up when things become difficult, you will never realize your full potential.

      Perseverance is a personality trait that enables you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. If you are fighting to overcome the barriers, consider the following before quitting: 

      • Immediate success does not exist
      • You may not have found your groove yet 
      • Quitting will affect people who rely on you.

      Perseverance is a critical characteristic if you want to succeed in life. It entails attempting again and again in the hope of success. It involves a commitment to working diligently regardless of the chances or barriers that may present. Perseverance is built on a solid mental determination. 

      Our lives are fraught with conflict. Sustaining efforts are required to achieve success in life. It means to be persistent and adamant about completing a task and not giving up. A guy must maintain his composure in the face of adversity. He should attempt to overcome them.

      Perseverance is the determining factor in success. Without it, no man can flourish in life. The world is not a bed of flowers, and success does not come easily. A persistent man never loses heart, even if he fails once or twice. 

      Contrary to common assumptions, success is not a one-way street or a straight line. All great men's lives were marked by adversity and sorrow. Yet, they become tremendous and honorable due to their battles and victories. Whoever withdraws in times of trouble is covered. He is destined to be a failure in life. This is why the saying states, "Failure is the pillar of success in life." It is a perplexing road with numerous ups and downs, and you should proceed with caution.

      Today, instead of quitting, choose perseverance. 

      Surround yourself with inspirational wall art to motivate you. Persevere to accomplish what you've set out to do. Persevere so that you do not disappoint people who rely on you and your ability. Alternatively, endure so that you can reap the rewards of your hard work and effort.

      There is no such thing as becoming "successful overnight." 

      Everyone who has achieved some level of success in their lives has had to work extremely hard and overcome numerous obstacles.

      Success results from a succession of long-term steps that are continually enhanced. Despite popular assumptions and frequently perpetuated media myths, sudden success is impossible. Additionally, it is not the gold standard for achieving your objectives.

      When you're tempted to quit, consider the successful persons you admire who have had setbacks along the way. 

      Success, in any definition, is a journey. A journey requires sustained work over a lengthy period.

      You can be the guy who refuses to take no for an answer. 

      Decorate your walls with motivational wall art to remind yourself that YOU ARE CERTAINLY MADE OF WINNERS' MATERIAL.

      Motivation_to_go - The Blog

      Do it, Stay Curious and be Fearless - Blog / By Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion®️ - The Blog

      Do it, don't hesitate.

      Every person can produce amazing things. Every single thing you're looking at right now was made by somebody. A man created the phone or computer on which you are reading this. You could compose an email, prepare a meal, or paint a room. These are your works of art. 

      Do you recall that thought you had? What is the business concept? What was the inspiration for your idea to enhance an old technology? What's the new recipe? Do you recall?

      Maybe you have had many excellent ideas that have faded into obscurity because you could not bring them to life. The day has finally arrived. It's now or never. Stop procrastinating. Stop blaming it on the kids, your job, or your lack of resources. Stop.

      There is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered within you. It's attempting to communicate with you. It may not appear complex or attractive at first. That's OK. Allow it to emerge in its infancy before playing with it. Turn it inside out and spread it out. Remove it, discard it, and start over if you have to. It's your ticket to success both inside and out. Do not be hesitant. Just go for it!


      Never, ever be afraid to try something new because you are afraid of failing. You will look back in a few years and be ready to offer anything for a second opportunity.

      Stay Curious; it's an incredible force.

      Curiosity stems from a drive to discover new things and comprehend how they operate. It broadens the mind and exposes it to various viewpoints, lives, and issues.

      We all have a lot of unanswered questions as kids. Why are there spots on ladybirds? How do airplanes maintain their altitude? Who came up with the idea for sherbet? However, as we become older, our propensity to ask questions diminishes.

      Some of our interest has dwindled as a result of the brain economy. Our youthful brains create neural connections as we study, acting as energy-saving alternatives to knowledge, reducing the need to learn new things constantly. As adults, our obligations can drain us of the energy, motivation, and time we need to investigate unresolved questions.

      Curiosity, on the other hand, is essential for growth. It inspired our forefathers to create weapons, start fires, farm, travel, explore, and invent. Fortunately for us in the globalized era, research reveals that intellectual curiosity is necessary at all ages for maintaining your mind fresh and adaptable. It makes you feel alive by stimulating your intellect.

      How can you keep your curiosity alive?

      ● Try something new: Read, do, or think about something new. Experiment with a different cuisine dish. Learning a new language is a great way to broaden your horizons. Novel activities help us know and remember more because they create new neural connections in our brains.

       ● Ask more questions: Big, small, and even foolish questions are perfectly acceptable. One of the most active and engaging ways to find out information is to ask coworkers, friends, and relatives.

      ● Active listening is a skill that you should learn.

      ● The most significant approach to staying curious is asking yourself and looking inward.

      Be fearless.

      To be fearless and bold is vital in life since it means not even being afraid to take risks. Being fearless does not imply going into danger and playing with scorpions or bears. No! People that are bold and fearless are aware of their fears, but they never give up.

      Being fearless and brave does not imply that you are unconcerned! We are all human beings with our own set of worries. But don't use your anxiety as an excuse.


      If you have fear, anger, or a lack of confidence, you will never be able to genuinely realize and live your dreams, no matter how long it takes.


      You'll keep running on that self-imposed track until you're too aged to do so any longer, at which point you'll be so filled with remorse that your mind will become ill from reminiscing about the life you took for granted. You began building on your goals, achieving them, and enjoying them in the most fulfilling and uncompromising way the minute you discovered how to be fearless.

      How to be fearless?

      1. Acknowledge your fears: Running away from your fears and worries raises your anxiety, much like running away from real danger. Identify and acknowledge your fears constructively.

      2. Concentrate on gaining confidence: There is no better antidote to fear than Self-assurance. You will feel safer if you are confident in your abilities to deal with your fears.

      3. Slowly confront your fears: Exposure to your fear regularly may help you gain confidence and stop being afraid. Begin with a simple goal and work your way up. You'll get less fearful as you become more familiar with your fear.

      Be fearless. You can't tell what in life will stand before you. 

      So do it, no matter what.

      Motivation_to_go - The Blog

      Kickass and keep the Hustle - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion®️ - The Blog


      Doing your own thing brings peace. With experience, you'll be able to tune out more viewpoints and concentrate on carving out and pursuing your own route to success. You break the flow of your actions when you stop to consider what others are encouraging you to do (or not to do). You could sink in an endless flood (very much like a storm surge) of facts if you chose to dig a bit deeper.

      The most challenging part of your journey is usually understanding your thing. When you fully understand what you want, you make up your mind and heart to pursue it with enthusiasm and commitment. Believing that nothing will be able to stop you.

      People who have never done what you do are unlikely to comprehend it. Continue to do what others have stated is impossible. Somebody will question the authenticity of your objective and intent, regardless of what you are doing. Don't be surprised if this happens to you. 

      Even your closest friends and family members can underestimate you. They might strive to keep you in the place where they believe you should be. They may be doing it to keep you safe. They may be underestimating you because they also are underestimating themselves. They may also not believe anyone can do better than them because you are merely an extension of yourself.


      The word "hustle" has had a particular intensity from its emergence in human speech. For many generations, it has signified various things. The name came from the medieval Dutch verb "hutselen," which means "shake up the system." It was first used in the late 1600s. 

      The word "hustle" has evolved from a derogatory term that meant "to steal" or "to cheat" to an aspirational catch-all term verb that means "to make things happen."

      "Hustle" refers to a hasty effort to move something forward. If you've overslept, you'll have to hustle out the door to make it to work on time. Hustle refers to working hard and persistently in the face of adversity to attain one's objectives.

      Hustling is a method of accomplishing tasks, earning money, and achieving success. Fearless people that move quickly and forcefully are the ones who achieve spectacular success. "Treasures may come to all those who wait, but only the things left by all those who hustle," said Abraham Lincoln. You must learn to hustle if you want to be more successful.

      Hustling is a method of accomplishing tasks, earning money, and achieving success. Fearless people that move quickly and forcefully are the ones who achieve spectacular success. "Treasures may come to all those who wait, but only the things left by all those who hustle," said Abraham Lincoln. You must learn to hustle if you want to be more successful.

      Get yourself one of our reminders, get yourself your Thrivilion piece, 

      Place it in your office or home.

      Motivation_to_go - The Blog

      Stay Humble, Have Fun - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Stay Humble, Have Fun - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Stay Humble.

      Being humble does not imply a reduction in self-esteem. On the contrary, it's perfectly acceptable to be pleased with one's accomplishments. Spending less time thinking about yourself is one of the characteristics of being humble. It is pride that causes you to spend more time thinking selfishly. Humility improves the world. In this world, there is nothing more pleasurable than humility. We become better persons as a result of being humble.

      Because they have a decent heart, a humble person will do good. They do not demand anything in return, including thanks. Humble people are sensitive, loving, and pleasant to others.

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion - Stay Humble Blog image

      Don't allow your success to get the best of you. Be modest. Rather than being a show of weakness, humility is a sign of power. Humble people have a sense of inner calm. They are self-assured in their accomplishments, steadfast in their principles, and have nothing else to prove to others. They're strong, confident in their skin, and cautiously optimistic.

      Humble individuals direct their attention from receiving to providing.

      From bragging about themselves to listening to others.

       There is no ego, pretension, or bad sportsmanship here. Genuine individuals are humble. As C.S. Lewis said, "humility is not thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less."


      Remember where you came from and be humble.

      Have Fun!

      Do you recall what it was like to be a kid who understood how to have a good time? Of course, you would like to have fun again as an adult, but you don't seem to be able to do so. You even participate in activities that are intended to be enjoyable. Still, you no longer appear to appreciate life as a youngster.

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas for office or home - Thrivilion - Have Fun blog image

      Making it a practice to relax.

      Participating in things you enjoy and hanging out with people who bring you joy.

      It will provide you with long-term advantages such as reduced stress, healthier moods, better sleep, increased adaptive resources, and improved relationships. In addition, according to experts, recurrent pleasures are delightful no matter how many times you do them.

      Having fun, it's fun!

      ● It lowers anxiety and stress levels.

      Dopamine, widely known as the "feel-good hormone," is naturally released into your system when having fun. Fun makes your brain physiologically happy, making you feel good, thus reducing tension and worry. So isn't it past time you all got rid of some of that?

      ● It promotes creativity.

      Whenever you're having fun and relaxing, you'll be able to learn a task faster. In addition, you can be motivated to start a new project or produce something due to the experience. So, try out some new activities or games to spark your ideas.

      ● Enhanced Social Skills.

      You're not always going to have a good time by yourself. Various amusing and enjoyable exercises are available to help develop teamwork skills and improve interpersonal interactions.

      Don't worry about the past results, have fun. It will make the final result even better.

      Stay humble, don't ever stop having fun along the way. 

      We at Thrivilion are all about seeing you succeed and achieving your goals no matter your goals.

      Get one of our pieces as a reminder. 

      It will be a perfect match for your office or home.

      Our motivational wall art canvas designs will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. 

      Motivation_to_go - The Blog

      Foolish and Relentless - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️ Blog

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion Blog - Foolish and Relentless

      Be Foolish.

      Foolishness may both be a helper and an adversary. Others who are stubbornly ignorant can hinder and overlook brilliant ideas. When you are purposefully foolish, maybe in the Shakespearian style, you can be honest about your mistakes and discover those fantastic ideas that others overlook. When Steve Jobs originally encountered those words, stay foolish, in his formative years, he might have already grasped their significance practically instantaneously and imaginatively. Instead, while innovating and developing some of the top products in the world, he stayed foolish throughout his professional life.

      Don't be scared to be strange, don't be frightened to be unique, and don't be too concerned with what others feel. It's possible that whatever makes you and your job unique makes you deeply uncomfortable at times. That most likely indicates that you're on the right path, so continue pushing. Dare to be foolish.

      Be Relentless.

      Because life rarely compensates the unworthy, you must be relentless in your quest for achievement. Being relentless necessitates patience, as things rarely go as planned.

      Persistent people work with the forces of life and take action when appropriate.

      More than a catchphrase, Relentless is a way of life. It's a task of absolute passion and enthusiasm. It's also the only way to succeed both at the job and in life.

       How to be Relentless and Unstoppable in your life?

      Your mindset has to be trained: How do you become unrelenting? How can you get from being unstoppable to being invincible? It all begins right here, in mind, men. It's all about your mindset; if you want to be happy and successful, you must nurture a champion's mentality, a successful ideology.

      Failure is not something to be afraid of: The painful truth is that you will fail in life. You'll get knocked to the ground, and you'll discover that the closer you get to your objectives, the more the whirlwind will try to consume you. As a result, you must be firm and steadfast.

      Try harder than you've ever tried before: Make it a daily challenge to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Push through the fear so that it isn't fear that keeps you from pursuing something that will help you improve in the future.

      Therefore, in your quest for the journey ahead, be Relentless, be Foolish.

      Be, and do, whatever you want.

      Get one of our reminders.

      Our motivational wall art canvas designs will perfectly fit your office or home.