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      From DRMS to RLTY - Blog / Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️

      Motivational Wall Art Canvas - Thrivilion®️ Blog


      Chapter I

      Life causes hindrances, bills pile up, and we sometimes have to do jobs we don't want to do to get by. 

      There are, however, a variety of reasons to follow your ambitions, defy convention, and live the life you've always desired.

      Everyone has ambitions and dreams. 

      hese visions are at the heart of who you are. 

      It is the very essence of who you are as a person and the reason for your being. You were given a set of dreams and abilities, hoping that you would act on your passions, pursue your dreams, and, therefore, progress in life.

      It's a true shame that we've been told from the beginning of our lives that we should stop dreaming and start "living." What a blunder! Dreaming is a part of living! 

      This is precisely why we've come: to chase our ambitions! 

      Following your aspirations will make you a better person, a happier person who shines brightly like the sun and brightens the lives of others around me. 

      If you choose to ignore your dreams, you will resemble a plant without water or sunlight, with leaves dangling, pleading for water, and appearing pretty unhappy. When you renounce your dreams, are you helping yourself or the world?

      The reason you're the way you are is because of your dream! 

      It's not a coincidence that you had this dream. 

      Your dream is a reflection of who you are. You SHOULD go after it! 

      Your dream provides you with a sense of meaning and purpose, propelling you forward into the future you've chosen.  Your life's significance is your dream!

      So, why does it appear that following your dream is so tricky? First, because of the anti-dream program operating in your head since you were a child. Second, your dream is always taking you out of your comfort zone. Pursuing your ambition involves deliberate effort, growth, and change, which might be unsettling at first. 

      You may have specific fears and concerns, which is natural. 

      Concentrate on the dream rather than the dread. As a result, the dream takes precedence over the dread. 

      Living a life of dread and concern should not be part of your life plan.

      You'll attract other people who share your values and interests if you're engaged and enthused about following your dreams. You'll go further if you surround yourself with great achievers. When things get tough and it's challenging to stay going, your friends will encourage you to keep going. If you decide to go after your aspirations, you will inspire others to do the same.

      You can act as an example and a motivator for others to give it a shot. You may assist them, coach them, and motivate them to continue. With this motivational wall art canvas design, you'll be ready to feel inspired in your own home. You'll choose which life you want to live, you'll achieve all of your goals and desires, and you'll be an inspiration to everyone around you.